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the anderson immigration law group

Anderson Immigration Law Firm's journey began 10 years ago as a local immigration law firm in Gulfport, Mississippi, with the vision of providing the best possible legal service experience to those seeking better opportunities in the United States.

The firm has grown exponentially, and now it has more than 7 offices located in the United States and Mexico. Its mission is to treat each client with dignity and demand for them all the consideration the law allows through professional and honest advocacy. As the firm has expanded, it has gained the trust of hundreds of clients, becoming a benchmark within the immigrant and business community.

The firm has not only specialized in reuniting migrant families, but has also helped Latin American companies bring workers, create businesses and expand their operations into the United States. With a team of attorneys, paralegals and client service, our team ensures that each client has the best chance of success in their immigration and business endeavors.

The firm has strived to let its clients be represented through trust, having their needs heard by our team, informing them of the next step in their case. With these goals, it has built the most client-centric firm in the U.S. and Mexico, offering consistent, highly qualified, ethical and firm representation to our clients.

Their values include excellence in client service, ethics, professionalism, strong advocacy, effective, client-centered, transparency and communication. These values guide every aspect of their practice and reinforce their commitment to serve their clients with integrity and dedication to meet their immigration law needs.

our services

tourist visa

Para las personas que quieran realizar actividades turísticas o tengan conferencias/negocios que atender en Estados Unidos.

Family petition

If you are a U.S. citizen, you can apply for certain members of your family to obtain lawful permanent residency.


For those who have willfully or unintentionally violated any U.S. law.